amycake5 (amycake5) wrote in egl,

Lolitas needed for cute photoshoot! on MAY 20 & MAY 27 & MAY 28

 So I'm a UCLA student doing my photography final and I've decided to base it on Lolitas. I want to take pictures at the UCLA photo studio and a purikura studio. I have a car so I would be willing to give rides to 3 girls. So we'll start off at the photo studio at UCLA at 1pm until 5 (or earlier). I will reimburse your parking which is $6 for 2 hours.

UCLA directions (I'll post more specific directions when I see some people make a commitment)

Then I want to go to a Purikura studio. Here are the ones I've found nearby.
cue studio - rowland heights
cue studio - san gabriel
Round One also a bowling alley :D

(the furthest ones from la unfortunately are ones i've been to and I know are good.)
If you could please comment which one is most convenient for you and at what time I'll make sure to meet you there. Just to be sure I'm paying as they are for my project but if you want one for yourself you'll have to pay T.T However I am willing to give which ever photos you like that I take with my camera.
Wew! that was a lot...throw any questions at me

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