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Honoring BIN in an auction

Hey guys I'm not sure where to post this so mods feel free to delete if inappropriate.

I'm currently in an auction in egl sales, and I've recently offered to pay the BIN. Now the girl has posted the BIN (before she just msged me) and another girl has offered a price higher than BIN. She says in her rules she will take the highest offer on items x__x

Is that fair? ): Or allowed. I'm a bit upset since the BIN is super expensive and it took a few days before I decided to give up the money for it.

Btw I have emailed a mod in case something like this does happen. I'm new to auctions so I wasn't sure if my understanding of the BIN was correct...

edit: Yes she is actually asking us to offer higher than BIN...

This thread isn't meant to flame anyone or anything. Just a question to address a question I could not find in egl history.
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