burnt_tuna (burnt_tuna) wrote in egl,

Guro lolita help! Dying help please!

I am going to a con next week and I wanted to go one day as guro lolita since im in crutches. I looked in the past post and I found a few post on guro lolita and how to dye. My problem is I want something that will stain. I plan on keeping dyeing it, then washing the apron so the dye wont bleed on my brand dress under it. But im scared of it running in the wash and not having a pure white apron with blood stains, but again im worried about my brand getting stained mainly.

This site http://www.halloween-website.com/fake_blood.htm Has a lot of recipes but I dont know which one will stick to the fabric and not bleed.

Any one able to help me?

I only see these complex recipes but someone stated just fabric paint and or acrylic paint. Anyone have any comments on these? Can I still get a splatter look with this with a dark center and a lighter splatter edge. Maybe with water?

Or If anyone knows a way to dye the fabric so it can be washed out but not run on my clothing under it?

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