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 Lolita Through the Looking Glass Exhibition: 14 May 2011, Resistance Gallery, London.

‘Lolita through the Looking Glass’ is a celebration of Japanese Elegant Lolita fashion at the Resistance Gallery, 265 Poyser St, Bethnal Green, E2 9RF (London) on Saturday 14 May 2011.

Kicking off at 1pm, and running until late, the event will celebrate Lolita fashion and its offshoots. The event is aimed at both those new to Lolita fashion and dedicated followers. (so bring your friends and family!)

The day programme will include a fashion show and a panel discussion on Lolita fashion. A Lolita bazaar will feature clothing stalls and a ‘swap and buy’ sale. The ‘swap and buy’ sale is an opportunity for beginner Lolitas and those with a passing interest in the fashion to buy accessories and clothing at bargain prices.

Art works from up and coming artists such as Wing Yun Man, who illustrates for manga cosmetics company Eyeko Pretty London, anime store TokyoToys and Otaku News (; 

as well as work from photographer Hayley Tolley;

Rabbit and Little Mouse
by ~heymisshayley on deviantART

and lots more!

There will be a photo booth for Lolita fashionistas to get professional photos of their intricate outfits. Food and drink will be on sale and there will be live DJs throughout the day.

In the evening there will be a Lolita club night with Japanese pop music, a full bar, performances and more.

For further information visit Lolita in Wonderland II: Lolita Through the Looking Glass on facebook 

If you would like a flyer for the event, please PM me your address and I'll gladly send you one.
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