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Art post :)

Hey girlies and fellas! I just updated my DevaintArt with some new pics!! Goooooo looooook XD

Angelic Pretty Rockstar
by *decora-rockstar on deviantART

And oh yet another is under the cut!! Please go have a look?

A vector self portrait wearing my Angelic Pretty Little Bears Cafe set <3 daaaamn I love that set! And DAAAMN the bow is MAHUSSIVE! Lol that's a head eating bow if ever I did see one!

Cute Can Kill by *decora-rockstar on deviantART

I designed some jewellery for Cute Can Kill's ice cream design contest :D I loved doing these graphics!! So much fun and so much cuuuuute :3

Vote for my design by hitting the like button on they're facebook page! My entry is here!! I'd love you forever if you hit the like button on my design! Like SERIOUSLY XD haha I know this is cheeky to put on here really ;D

If you haven't looked at Cute Can Kill before, I suggest you do! They're work is utterly ADORABLE X3 www.cutecankill.com
Details of their competition are on their website :)

My illustrations are all done in Illustrator CS3

If you're on DA, why don't we add each other on the watch list?

p.s. I love comments and faves :) Constructive Critique is always appreciated, I always wanna hear opinions so I can develop my skills!

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