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My top Hat Creations critiques are loved!


Hello everyone! ive been making top hats   that i find i like but until recently when i made my craft partner a top hat to find she thought it was incredible  i was over joyed! ive always wanted to sell and  make the top hat i was just unsure if it was up to par with the lolita fashion and how everyone would react to them witch brings me to this post! im looking for  your opinions on them to help me decide if there worth making or not!
pretty much what im looking for is critiques!

is the hat to tacky ? or over the top? does it need to be tone down
prices that you would be opted to pay for a hat
ways you like your hat to be place on your head example: ribbon ties  as shown , a head band, a comb maybe?
and hm i guess just the over all aesthetic of it
would you be open to commissioning one?

the first hat was the first one i made to match a alice in wonderland-esk dress of mine so please keep that in mind when looking at it ^^; this hat i attached to my head with a hair comb and the ribbon ties that way it was sturdy
more strictures of this one is available if people are interested :D

Now on to the one im really proud of!
Im so happy with how this turned out its so cute! the thyme of the hat was of a bird in a rose garden
i added black neckties to this on the back or front  of the hat is a tulle bow that is detachable by 2 little hat pins on the bow i added a black fishnet veil and a vintage button . (please excuse my crafting mess)

more pictures of this one too are avalible

so please tell me what you think whats your opinion ? id love to hear it!
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