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A-kon 22 June 10-12 fashion show and meet up?

Lolita meetup:
I searched the community with no results, I was wondering if anyone had began talking about a lolita meetup at A-kon this year. I've been the past 2 years and there's always a nice sized group of lolitas and brolitas attending :) The breakfast buffet last year was really nice, and much easier for everyone to attend and leave as needed for other events. I think ice skating would be really fun too since they have it in the same mall, but what do you guys think, or do you have a link to it already being discussed?

Fashion show:
I received an email yesterday letting me know that I was accepted to be a model for the Chantilly/Atelier-Pierrot fashion show at A-kon this year, and I was just wondering if any of the other girls selected were here on EGL!(for once being short was a plus!:P) I'm still not 100% sure if I'll be able to get to/afford the convention this year, but I'm trying!(I'm way too excited to get to wear such gorgeous clothes!)

I was also curious if anyone had more information about the show yet, the email I received included pictures of plain black mary jane style heels we're required to bring, I was wondering if everyone got the same email/images or if they already have an idea of what individuals will be wearing.

I'd love to chat with anyone else attending, if I do end up going it'll probably be my first time attending a convention without a partner in crime (either driving myself, or hitching a ride with acquaintances.)



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