amycake5 (amycake5) wrote in egl,

Lolitas needed for cute photoshoot!

Hello there!
My name is Amy but feel free to call my Amycakes. Right now I'm a design|media arts UCLA student approaching her finals for her photography class. I've decided I'm going to do a research project on Lolitas. I've only recently gotten into the fashion myself (having only one dress and some shoes). So what I'm looking for are Lolitas in full outfit to take photos in 1) a natural gathering 2) a cute japanese photo booth [if you know of any good ones in LA suggestions would be great! but I've found the best ones to be at Cue Studios in San Gabriel, Rowland Heights and Arcadia] 3) the UCLA Photo studio.
I'm available all day Friday May 20. I am attending a Lolita meet up ( at a sushi bar May 21 @ 6pm taking part and taking photos if you are interested. I am also available all day May 27 + 28. Whichever day we can get the most girls all together. I have a car but can really only carry 4 girls (especially with those pretty outfits). If there is anyway we could meet up at Royal-T take some photos there and then head on over to cue studio in arcadia Or I don't know if it's easier for you to just meet in arcadia cause I prefer the Purikura photos over the studio. We could devote one entire day to Purikura, the next to the ucla photo studio and the next we can meet at a cafe and take photos there.
If you could please reply, send me an email or contact me somehow so I can make a definite schedule.
I would appreciate your help so much!! I could basically only repay you by giving you digital files of the photos I take and if I have enough money I can send prints!
sorry for the HUGE post but thanks for reading if you got this far. Look forward to hearing from you!


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