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Trying to find a US Lolita I met in Dublin!

 At around 9pm on Saturday 7th, I was waiting at a crossing on a bridge in Dublin City. I was waiting for the green pedestrian light to appear, looked around in boredom, and accidentally made eye contact with you. You said my dress was pretty (I was wearing mint Melty Chocolate), and I thought you were just a persony person being nice, and then you said that Melty Chocolate was your dream dress and I blurted something along the lines of 'YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS!'  And may have seemed a bit crazy :D

We talked briefly, and I'm sorry I wasn't able to talk a bit longer, but we were rushing to get the bus home. Would love to find you or hear from you, you seemed really cool, but I didn't even get a chance to ask if you were on LJ, so here's hoping! *fingers crossed*
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