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Anime North 2011 Lolita Swap Meet

Anime North 2011 Lolita Swap Meet
When? Sunday May 29th 
Time? 1PM-2:30PM 12PM-2PM
Who?  Participants are asked to RSVP. Currently we have 22 lolitas participating. Since this is an Anime North event, it is possible regular attendees of the con will come as well.
What? The Anime North 2011 Swap Meet is an event where lolitas can come to sell, buy & trade clothing. It's a great way to meet lolitas from all over, trade in your unwanted lolita items & acquire a brand new wardrobe
Anime North
Facebook Event Group

To participate to this event you should RSVP please PM the following information
(RSVP'ing does not reserve you a spot or table in the room to set your items it's first come first serve. Your RSVP will be voided 15 minutes after the event begun and you will have to wait in line like everyone else (if there happens to be a line)
Phone Number:
Wishlist: (please be as specific/non specific as your want)
(things you might want to mention, size,colourway, name of the serie, brand ect)

Suggestions of what to bring:
-Your lolita items
- A suitcase/bag or backpack to carry your items in
-A small mirror
-Your contact information for with whomever you trade
-Sticky Notes (something big enough to write information such as; price, username, item your looking to trade & any details about the items condition)

*Unacceptable* trade items:
-Cosplay Lolita items
-Make-up of any type/contact lenses/false eyelashes.
-Home decor/plushies.*
*acceptable: brand plushies such as BTSSB usagi bear
-Fabric/crafting supplies.

To the seller/trader:
- Start looking through your items now.
- Consider adding measurements to your sticky notes, if you don't want people to try the item on.
- Keep a list of inventory of items you are bringing and check them off as you get rid of them
- Make your sticky note & inventory before AN to avoid wasting time
- Bring a lot of change such as 5$/10$/20$, consider keeping your cost an even number

To the buyer:
- Bring some change such as 1$/2$/5$/10$/20$
- Don't be afraid to barter but please don't be excessive!
- Ask the seller/trader to try on items
- Bring some sort of shopping bag
- Sellers can refuse to "hold items" so bring everything you need with you

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask~

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