hutchy_cheese (hutchy_cheese) wrote in egl,

Whitby Gothic Weekend: Does anything lolita related ever happen there? Plus my rococo boy-style

I've been going to WGW since I met my boyfreind (nearly two years now) and one year there was a lolita party (but it was private).
I know that some lolita go (I've seen you) but there doesn't seem to be any real events or meets etc. Am I looking in the wrong places, like the almanack or is there really no lolita events?

I'm thinking about speaking to one of the main promoters about a few events that could really turn things around for WGW and bring more attention to the weekend. One idea is an event for classical goths, victorian, edwardian and anything frilly, such as a ball, tea party etc. Lolita springs to mind but I'd rather get the comunity's thoughts first.
So please let me know your thought and opinions on this idea.


p.s. I've included a photo of me from last year, Iknow it's a pretty shoddy attempt but my uni project was rococo and I must've been really into it. I made the pants from a G&lB pattern. The guy with me is my boyfriend. And even though I'm in this picture, it isn't mine please as the artist (email watermarked) if you wish to use it.

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