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A Photographic Meetup timeline (of SF Bay Area, California)

As much as I enjoy those individual lolita timeline that people are always posting, it's also a lot of fun to see how the entire group has changed over the years too. From hot topic dresses and thriftstore finds to everyone being decked out in AP and BTSSB because their shops are now right around the corner. There's been a lot of amazing girls along the way that have moved away or moved on from the fashion but it was still nice to know them while they were around. There's a lot of new faces and it's exciting to see how they will grow and their style will transform with them. I just wanted to say thanks to all the girls (and boys) from the Bay Area meetups- you've all been a fantastic bunch of people to get dressed up with and get to know. <3

Does anyone else have a collection of photos throughout their time in lolita showing how their group has grown or change? I'd love to see them! :)

There were tons of meetups that I had to miss out on. Many where we didn't do a group shot or I didn't bring a camera at all. I've also lost a lot of my older pictures, but this is what I have through the years:

April 2011- Legion of Honor, San Francsisco

November 2010: Monthly Japantown Meetup, San Francisco

November 2010: Angelic Pretty Store Opening, San Francisco

October 2010: Monthly Japantown Meetup, San Francisco

August 2010: Craft Party at my apartment, Santa Clara

August 2010: BTSSB Anniversary luckypacks, San Francisco

July 2010: Monthly Japantown meetup, San Francisco

July 2010: Filoli Gardens, Woodside

July 2010: Japanese Tea Gardens, San Francisco

June 2010: Swapmeet, San Francisco

June 2010: Video shoot & picnic, San Francisco

May 2010: Fanime Con, San Jose

April 2010: Cherry Blossom Festival, San Francisco

April 2010: Trampoline Meetup, Milpitas

March 2010: Monthly Japantown Meetup, San Francisco

March 2010: Alice in Wonderland in 3D, Dublin

February 2010: Academy of Sciences, San Francisco

February 2010: Tea at The Palace Hotel, San Francisco

February 2010: Abney Park Concert, San Francisco

January 2010: Crown & Crumpet Tea, San Francisco

January 2010: Monthly Japantown Meetup, San Francisco

December 2009: Dickens Fair, San Francisco

December 2009: BTSSB Christmas Tea Party, San Francisco

November 2009: PMX Angelic Pretty Wonderland Tea Party, Los Angeles

November 2009: PMX Denny's Dinner, Los Angeles

October 2009: Botanical Gardens Picnic, San Francisco

September 2009: Pirate & Sailor Beach Meetup, Santa Cruz

September 2009: Japantown day trip, San Francisco

August 2009: BTSSB opening day, San Francisco

August 2009: Dinner at AsiaSF, San Francisco

June 2009: Swap Meet, San Francisco

March 2009: Winchester Mystery House, San Jose

March 2009: Ice Skating, Cupertino

March 2009: Bowling, San Jose

Janurary 2009: Monterey Bay Aquarium, Monterey

November 2008: Disneyland, Anaheim

November 2008: Angelic Pretty Yumemiru Musical Paradise Event, Los Angeles

October 2008: Cartoon Art Museum, San Francisco

October 2008, Lacis shop & Museum, Berkley

September 2008: Craft Party, San Jose

August 2008: Alice exhibit @ Children's Discovery Museum, San Jose

July 2008, Botanical Garden Picnic, San Francisco

July 2008, Pink Party, San Francisco

Jun 2008: Japantown Meetup, San Francisco

May 2008, Fanime Con Picnic, San Jose

May 2008, Fanime Con Tea @ Chic Chateau, San Jose

April 2008, Tea @ Lovejoy's, San Francisco

March 2008, Carousel & Metreon Meetup, San Francisco

February 2008, Boardgame day, Oakland or San Francisco (I can't remember which, fail)

November 2007, Angelic Pretty Boutique at PMX, Los Angeles

October 2007, Lisa Tea Treasures & Roller Skating, Menlo Park

August 2007, Winchester Mystery House, San Jose

July 2007, Tea at the Rotunda, San Francisco

June 2007, ORCA (Oregon + California) Tea Meetup, I don't remember where we were

May 2007, Fanime Con Picnic, San Jose

May 2007, Fanime Con Tea @ Chic Chateau, San Jose

May 2007, Fanime Con Lolita Fashion Show, San Jose

February 2007, Tea @ The English Rose, Pleasanton

December 2006, Ice Skating @ Christmas in the Park, San Jose

December 2006, Lunch & thriftstore shopping, Berkley or maybe Oakland (I'm starting to have a hard time remembering this far back)

May 2006, Fanime Con Picnic, San Jose

May 2005, Fanime Con Picnic, San Jose

Sometime in 2004- Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco

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