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Handmade JSK Help

This will be my first time posting on this comm, and I have to say I am a bit hesitant. I have very little money, and cannot afford Burando, but I love the Lolita fashion. So I am forced to stalk the egl_comm_sales, or make my own. These are my first ever creations, and I was hoping for some advice from some lovely ladies who know much more than myself.

I made this JSK last night, my very very first ever, and was hoping someone could give some more advice about where to put trims and bows and such. I asked my local Lolita community, and they had some great ideas, so I thought I might ask on a more international level as well.


I managed to find some lovely screen printed fabric at a thirft store yesterday afternoon, with beautiful roses and lace print along the edge. I saw it and knew it was meant for Lolita! I was thinking about covering the lace print with actual white lace, but I'm not sure...

*EDIT* Also, any Co-od ideas? Not quite sure what to pair with this either. >.<
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