xAliceHime (xalicehime) wrote in egl,

Having the Confidence to be a Rufflebutt ♪

And this is when I sit here and ponder: "Will anyone take offence from the word rufflebutt?" OTL

Being a long time lurker and never having pulled myself from the stalkerish shadows of my lurkerdom, I feel a tad compelled to introduce myself before I go onto my topic. I'll keep it short and sweet however, and only include it because it is actually relevant to what I would like to ask you ladies (and gentlemen) about.
I live in England and I am leaving school this year to join a large international company which will finally allow me to be able to afford to immerse myself if the gorgeous lacy world that is Lolita, as due to my student status I have only been able to attempt the blessed style with the use of off-brand and handmade items up until now. But skipping along hand in hand with my new found freedom comes the burning question that my Father in particular likes to remind me of:

"Will you actually wear that?"

To which I reply -perhaps a little more swiftly than appropriate-:


"Of course."


To add to my little collection of handmade items and well-loved petticoats and blouses I have a few pieces coming from Qutieland and I plan to indulge in an Innocent World Lucky Pack later this year, so within a few months my wardrobe should have formed into a little capsule of Lolita goodness. But my question is this, to all you wonderful ladies who don your headdress and bloomers with pride and utmost elegance, what is the key to your divine confidence?


I undoubtedly expect to be the victim of many a harsh comment at the very least, but I do not want to let this leave a bittersweet taste in my mouth in relation to Lolita. I do not want to let them spoil the style for me. So I would like to ask you all the following things~


Have you ever been treated differently because of your Lolita clothes? If so, how?


How did you respond to this treatment?


What do you suggest Lolitas do to build and/or maintain their confidence in Lolita clothing?

Thank you in advance! ♪




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