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Brand Restoration

Making an old favorite look new again - Pastel a la Mode Maid Set Restoration! Has anyone else restored an older brand piece before?

Hello all! :)

Pastel a la Mode was one of two original Angelic Pretty prints that got me hooked on sweet lolita back in 2005/2006. As much as I wanted the dress back then, AP was simply not as easily attainable as it is today.

I was thrilled to finally be able to purchase a piece of this series, and did so a month ago from a very sweet community member. However, as some people are aware, AP's white dot tulle has a history of discoloration. And I apologize in advance if someone has posted something like this before, as I haven't seen it!

I purchased the set knowing its condition, and I intended to find a way to restore it. This is by no means intended as a complicated post- I simply want to show how easy this is to fix, just in case no one had really considered it before. I love AP's older pieces, and I'd love to see more of them, but some do begin to wear eventually, and I'm all for preservation of "vintage" lolita!

At the same time, I'm curious as to whether or not anyone else in the community has ever restored an older brand piece in a similar fashion!

I am a poor planner hah! I did not take any close-ups of the dress before I dropped it off. Yep, I'm not a seamstress so I left this to the professionals! However, the seller had provided a close-up of the tulle. You can see how the tulle is no longer a bright white:

*image property of original owner*

And the dress hanging kinda sad looking in my closet when it arrived:

This is the set as it is with new tulle and bows re-sewn. I had them replace the tulle on the headdress also:

With flash, for the sake of showing details better:

The whole set:

My only complaint is that I asked them to replace the tulle exactly as it was originally. My husband picked it up for me, so I didn't get to see it until I arrived home, but the tulle has been applied in a single layer, as opposed to a folded dual layer as was on the dress originally. It still looks infinitely better than it did, however, and the girls at the alterations place were very sweet and did a nice job! And finding white dot tulle locally was impossible, I ended up having to purchase it online (and we have one of the largest fabric stores in the south here!)

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