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Review of: Angelic Pretty's Lamb bag

Hello, I made a ordered(Pink Lamb bag) through Angelic Pretty's English web-shop on 04/23/11-04/28/11. The Lamb cos-ted 9345 yen($115) It took less then one day for it to get sent to the shipping center. On 05/03/11 night I received confirmation from the international shipping center that they sent my parcel off. They used EMS shipping which was about 1500 Yen ($18). I received my parcel in 2 days the 05/05/11. But I wasn't home and had to pick it up from my post office today(05/06/11) and sign for the parcel.

The Ram/sheep bag was sent wrapped in a Angelic Pretty Bag. I must say I was kinda surprised it was only protected by a few layers of paper and plastic. But anyway it turned out ok.

The ram/sheep bag was wrapped in pink wrapping tissue. There was also a plastic bag that contained the sheep and the invoice receipt. They gave me a extra AP bag and a AP sticker.

^^ Yay Lambie is here! lol.

It can sit and stand on its own.

The zipper pocket on the back is small. It can hold some cards and cash and thats about it.

The rams nose looks slightly crook-it to me. I am not sure if this is suppose to be like that or not.

The rams nose still seems to appears slightly bent. In the AP official pictures I don't really see head on shots so am not sure if this is done on purpose. Also, the sheep's eyelashes are made out of ?felt? And the strawberry leaves are made out of the same material.

Overall the shipping was good. It came within 2 weeks. The packaging was ok. I say this because I want to make sure the rams nose is slightly bent on purpose and not because of shipping. Customer service was great. When I asked questions about the shipping time it took them less then one day to answer my question.
The ram feels like thick hoodie wool. They used felt like material and glued the eyelashes and strawberry leaves in place.
They gave me a extra AP bag and AP stickers. I'd say it was a good experience overall.

The lamb has a cute bell at the neck. It has pink blush marks on its check. Also, the lamb had a straw hat with strawberries! And it has a zipper pocket on its back.

Lolibrary about Lamb-chan Any comments,questions, or concernss let me know below and I'll try to help as much as I can.
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