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☆Sakuracon 2011 + Poloroids☆

I went to Sakuracon last week with my friend Jenna~! I haven't been going to as many conventions or wearing lolita, recently, so it was a nice change of pace!

Jenna was nice enough to let me hog her camera all weekend (Like she usually does!) so I took a looot of pics! I hope you all enjoy!~♥

My bb saying goodbye to me ;___; ♥ How I love really sunny lense flare photos! XD

At Jenna's house, there was a mysterious Pinnochio nose on her welcome mat...o_o

Liscence plate we saw on thre way there XD

Day 1

Getting ready in the room with my friend Danny! ( merli ) We both twinned Sugary Carnival! Also this waas basically like the most baller hotel room EVER. Look at that bathroom, god!

He took a pic of me in our disasterous hotel room, wigs asunder!

I made Danny let me take a face picture, heehee!~

Fabulous lolitas we ran into outside, and our friend Steven!

Ran into another friend. Look at her cute watermelon!

Hometown friends! :D

This sort of might be my favourite picture of the entire weekend. XD

Twins, meet twins! I wish I also owned Jewelry Jelly!! ;___;

Me and Danny!

Jenna was a bit of a sleepy head, and met us later!

The cutest face ♥ ♥ ♥

Us & Kirsty! She is also the cutest!!

♥ ♥ ♥

Sort of a mirror shot?!

idk, I just thought it was funny! BUT not as funny as the guy with a segway WHEELCHAIR. I shit you not, I saw it at the con, but I didn't want to take a picture for fear of being rude. It looked so weird though, I have no idea how the guy was balancing on it! o.O

Just me and Jennaaa

HEE HEE Mareep and Flaffy!! These are some of my favourite Pokemon. I'm actually going to do a gajinka cosplay of them too, soon!

Mirror shot, haha!

I loooove love love the lighting in this bathroom!

This picture looks SO COOL! It looks like a framed picture of her!

Outfit shot in the stairwell~

In the video camera at Uwajimaya! XD

Night shot Jenna took! :3

Day 2

This was the day of the lolita meet! It was at a really nice Italian restaurant!~

Julie looks so pretty here!

Me & Jenna!

Makeup shot for uuuus :3

Jewelry shot!

Jenna, lookin' cute!

She ordered a pizza, and thought it was going to be a personal size. It was an entire pizza! She looks so surprised! XD


So pretty!


I LOVE her outfit!!

We went outside later, and this cosplayer of Alice just looked so cute!

I made her sniff the flowers. I knew it'd be a cute picture!!

We searched long and hard for a place near the convention center without thousands of cosplayers, and it seems as though we found a lovely spot!

I love this one of Jenna!

I'm really glad I made Danny take this shot! You can see Jenna's pretty flower tattoo on her foot, too!

I was afraid it'd be an aweful upskirt shot, but instead...poof! XD

I wish that dumb sign wasn't there XD

Outside, we found a van advertizing another anime con...getting a ticket. Hahahhaha!

I went back into that bathroom with good lighting to take a pic, haha!

I wish Jenna would have taken pictures with me toooo, but she went back to the room! ;___;

Jenna cosplaying!

This weird fucking guy dressed in all black that had a bird puppet kept fucking touching me, he was so annoying! He was bugging the 6% Doki Doki girls, too. D:

This picture is pure chaos.

My friend Kim came up and was like "STOP TOUCHING MY FRIEND, THANKS" And slapped his puppet hand and he went away. Some people at cons are soo weird!

We saw this girl outside, I thought she was really pretty!

We met up with our friends later! They were dinosaurrrrz

His...tail XD

At the "rave" there was a giant peice of toast dancing around, hahaha

Day 3

This girl also looked really pretty!

Jenna's outfit!


I love this shot!

My outfit!~

Jenna did a good job framing this photo, I think! XD

Driving back~
Byebye, Seattle♥

BONUS: Poloroids

Recently, I've been trying to take some more artsy lolita pictures (sort of, haha) so I've been taking analog Poloroid pics! Most of these are from Sakuracon, so I'm including them in this post!

I really hope you've enjoyed my photos, and the Poloroids!

Thank you for looking, and have a wonderful rest of your day!!♥

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