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San Jose, CA (May 5th, 2011) – FanimeCon welcomes GASHICON as a Guest of Honor at its 2011 convention at the San Jose Convention Center over Memorial Day Weekend, May 27-30. GASHICON will host a hANGRY&ANGRY fashion show on Saturday, May 28. She will also give style tips and help fans coordinate outfits at the hANGRY&ANGRY clothing booth in the FanimeCon Dealers Hall.

GASHICON is the illustrator and character designer for hANGRY&ANGRY, a character brand which features grotesquely cute cats named Hangry and Angry. Much like twisted versions of Sanrio’s Hello Kitty, Hangry and Angry are used in a vast array of eclectic contexts. They are featured on a line of Japanese fashions by h.NAOTO which display a unique style known as “gro-kawa” (grotesque-cute). They are the main characters in a comic strip published in visual kei magazines such as CURE. Hangry and Angry also adorn merchandise such as plush characters, bags, and trinkets. In 2008, the J-rock duo, HANGRY&ANGRY FUTURE, was created with former Morning Musume members Hitomi Yoshizawa as Hangry and Rika Ishikawa as Angry. The Death Note live action movie also involved the hANGRY&ANGRY brand.

More information about GASHICON’s appearance at FanimeCon is on In addition to the schedule of events, the web site has information about how to apply for a part in the fashion show as a model, make up artist, or hair stylist.

For those that have applied already, GASHICON is personally reviewing the applications, and you should hear back soon. Thank you for your interest!
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