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First kodona coord, need help accessorizing!

CC very welcome! Tear me apart if you have to!
 Hi egl, I recently got into kodona. So far I have the basics down, but i'm not sure what is okay or not.  I'm not a huge fan of sporadic studs and chains, but they do look nice when placed well.

Things I am contemplating: 
- Getting a pocket watch + chain for my vest pocket
- Instead of having this tacky tie tied as a bow, make a jabot with lace (need help picking out lace. I have no eye for it!)
- Adding ruffles to the end of my coat
- Making stockings/socks with ruffles on top.
- A short top hat
- Monocle/eyepatch, Are eyepatches over done?

Is it normally okay to not have socks/stockings? Boots are optional right? I can just have dress shoes?
I made the shorts(MAN the darts didn't show up well :(..) and coat, and shirt and vest was bought. 
Feel free to mspaint accessories on me it'd be sweet. :)

This is where I might place some accessories:
 I hope you guys can tell what they are haha. That thing over my phone/hand is the pocketwatch chain
Oh and this is the shirt I want to tear apart and use the fabric for my socks. Striped white/navy blue socks yay or nay? 
This isn't going in the coord, but for future use I want to use this fabric to make me new shorts. Too flashy for kodona?

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