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Review: Bunka Doll from artist pinkgundollhouse [super positive!]


In March after I purchased Pink Macaroon's Bunka Doll skirt, I decided that I wanted to seek out an artist to commission an actual Bunka doll. Bunka doll artists in the U.S. are fairly hard to come by, but upon recommendation from an article on the dolls by FYeah Lolita (thank you!) I looked through pinkgundollhouse's work on her dA and her etsy. Needless to say, I absolutely fell in love! Her Bunka dolls are absolutely beautiful, and she makes lovely doll clothing as well. 

I messaged her, asking if she was willing to accept commissions. She promptly replied, and she wrote that she would be happy to but because of school and work it may take a while and could not give me a window of time. I happily obliged to these terms as I was in no rush and just felt fortunate that she was able to work with me~ I wanted a doll whose dress is an OP (Lolita, of course) with a color scheme of the lavender Bunka Doll skirt I own and features that look like mine. (Haha, yes, a little me~ xD)

A very affordable price was set, I paid via etsy, and she begun working. (A custom, 7" doll is $45 + shipping. Pre-made dolls of the same size, when available, range from $30-$45.) She even modified a pattern for the dress to fit my needs.

Over two months we corresponded back and forth about her progress. She made sure to inform me of what was going on every step of the way and was very friendly! Four days ago she let me know that my little doll was all ready and was going to be shipped out the following Monday. Indeed she was! She arrived at my door today!

Now, for the fun part--THE PICTURES!

Box Opening!

Neatly Packed and Well Secured

(The box is ripped like that because I am hasty when opening exciting packages. x3)

Little ElleJay was well packaged and quite safe! I especially love it when sellers include notes. It's so sweet and thoughtful.

Absolute Perfection!

She is absolutely perfect and more beautiful than I imagined! There's not one flaw.

Little ElleJay's Face

Her facial features are smooth and delicate; no detail was overlooked. Her cheeks are quite rosy, but the strong lighting makes that difficult to see. She has thick and soft "hair", and her eye and hair color match mine as requested.

Little ElleJay's Dress

The seams on her dress are neat, and the colors match very nicely! (A comparison picture is down below.)

Skirt and Legs

Bonnet close-up:

Bonnet Detail



Next to PM BD skirt:

Next to Bunka Doll Skirt from Pink Macaroon

And as a bonus, here are the two of us together~ n_n

ElleJay and Little ElleJay 1

Showing off the matching Hime cut parts:

ElleJay and Little ElleJay 2

I have no complaints whatsoever, and I highly recommend pinkgundollhouse for commissions when she is available to do them! She is friendly, talented, honest, skilled, and hard working! I hope you enjoy my little doll as much as I do!

♥ ♥ ♥
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