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Attention all Arizona Lolitas

Attention Arizona Lolitas:

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Just wanted remind the lolitas in the Arizona area of our Candy land tea party at Phoenix Comic Con. We are still looking for contestants and entries. Here's a link to our event.( If you would like to read the info then I have copy and pasted it under the cut for those interested. Thank you.

The wait is over! Your Phoenix Comic Con Lolita Tea Party info is now up!
Please check us out on the official PCC forums!

Please check back for more info on how to RSVP for this event!

Come join us for some devilishly sweet twists and turns in our Battle in Candy Land Lolita Tea Party. We will be having delicious treats along with an ever evolving storyline that is sure to be both entertaining and visually decadent. We will have food, entertainment, and prizes! This isn’t the same old candy land you played as a child...this time it’s real.

This year's Lolita party theme is based on the classic game of Candy Land. This isn't kid stuff though. We invite you to interpret the colorful world of the game with a sophisticated and modern lolita twist. Candy isn't always sweet and you don't have to be either. Gothic, Classic, Aristocrat, Punk, and Kodona styles are all welcome. Be CREATIVE and come dressed to impress.

We are also incorporating an interactive element to this year's party. Not only will you be able to come and enjoy the food, drinks, and music you have to come to expect, we are looking for those creative and theatrical lolitas to enter in our Candy Land Battle! A contest for those who think they have what it takes to make their sweet & sour ideas come to life.

We are looking for competitors and if you would like to compete please read the rules down below and email the provided form to

As a competitor:
•You will be asked to recreate one of the famous worlds from the Candy Land board game with a lolita/lolita inspired twist. You will be given a table to decorate as your "world" in the theme you choose.
•You will be asked that your attire match your table's theme.
•Finally, you will also need to come up with a way to entertain the other attendees of the party, again, reflecting your chosen theme. This will be a contest judged by a panel of preselected judges and prizes WILL be awarded to the winners.

Battling Tea Party Rules for competitors:

•Your group can have 1 - 3 people in it to participate.

•Each competitor or group must choose one of the worlds from Candy Land as their theme. The table must be decorated to reflect your theme and we will be providing you a starting budget to use towards your table decor. Remember this is an interactive contest and you will be asked to act as your character and be the entertainment of the tea party. Please choose from the following:

Licorice Castle - Lord Licorice
Ice Cream Sea - Queen Frostine
Peanut Britte House - Gramma Nutt
Candy castle - King Kandy
Gumdrop Pass - Jolly /
Plum Tree forest - Plumpy
Lollypop Woods - Princess Lolly
Molasses swamp - Gloppy The Molasses Monster
Peppermint Forest - Mister Mint

•Once you are accepted as challenger, you will receive your starting budget issued to you by us, your faithful tea party mods. In addition to your provided budget, you may use your own resources and money as long as you do not exceed $50 (this should not include outfits) to decorate your table. Handmade items are highly encouraged.

•Your attire must be lolita or lolita inspired and match the theme of your table. Get creative! This is a creative challenge and over the top and more theatrical lolita outfits are encouraged. Any style of lolita is also welcome. Outfits can be handmade, thrifted, brand name, etc. Your outfit should not be included in your over all table budget.

•You will be creating an interactive aspect to entertain the guests when they as they visit your table that should be 5 - 7 minutes long for each group. Whether it’s a cake walk, a limbo challenge, story telling/poem, song/dance, etc. No real food should be involved in these challenges unless it’s a prop that is made to look like a real food. No musical chairs, or duck-duck goose, PLEASE!

•Regular contact by email (and possibly phone) will be required. We require that you provide us with general progress updates and pictures (within reason of course!). If you are not keeping up to date and giving us progress reports, you will be eliminated from the competition. So please make sure you will be able to keep in contact with us before entering.

•We will be taking only one of each character, so please pick and submit one fast. Remember you do not have to copy the character exactly and you can give your own spin on how you would like your character to be. You will be judged on how original you are with how you do a take on the character you have chosen. There is a list of characters below, please choose one as your first choice, second choice and 3rd choice. Depending on when you ask and if we approve your proposal, will determine if you receive the role.

•We will only be accepting participants applications until May 7th, 2011 by 11:59 pm. The form should be sent by email and can be copy and pasted from down below.

•Must be available for the day we are having the event and already attending comic con.

•Will need to check in early before event for prejudging.

Please email this form and your proposal to

Battling Tea Party Form
]Full name:
Phone Number:
Character Choice #1:
Character Choice # 2:
Character Choice # 3:
Challenge Idea:
How Many People in your group:
Tea Party proposal for your table:

Copy and paste the worlds/character you desire below:

Licorice Castle - Lord Licorice
Ice Cream Sea - Queen Frostine
Peanut Britte House - Gramma Nutt
Candy castle - King Kandy
Gumdrop Pass - Jolly /
Plum Tree forest - Plumpy
Lollipop Woods - Princess Lolly
Molasses swamp - Gloppy The Molasses Monster
Peppermint Forest - Mister Mint

You can think of a variety of styles for any of these characters all the way from over the top sweet to gothic, dandy, punk, hime, etc…all Lolita styles are welcome into this contest, have fun and be creative in what you choose to do.

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