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Review: Brantley’s Western Supply (for Malco Modes 582 Petticoat)

I was in the market for a new petticoat as the one I made was just alright and required constant re-poofing (as it's poof barely survived 2 days at Anime Boston). Anyways, my search began. I was originally looking at the Candy Violet Fluffy Petticoat but at $56, I knew I could get a better price elsewhere. As most of you know, the CV Fluffy petti is simply a Malco Modes 582. Lots of Googling ensued as I tried to hunt for a good deal and I found it when I found the Brantley's Western Supply website. I decided to buy the MM 582 in white, size L (23" long).

They were selling the MM 582 for $49.50, about $7 cheaper than CV (when you're a college student, that $7 is a big deal). I chose USPS Priority shipping. It was $10.35 and the cheapest option. I placed my order on April 30. I received an email saying that my order would be shipped in 48 hours. My petti was shipped on May 2 and I received it today (May 4). Photos and ratings below. I believe you can enlarge the photos by clicking on them and then clicking on the photo again in the window that opens. Not 100% sure about that but I'm fairly sure.

The obligatory box shot (ya I opened it before I took the photo lol). It was well packaged in a shoebox shaped priority box. Label was neatly taped on the front. Nothing really interesting going on in this photo.

And so begins the fun! Time for the un-boxing! The petti was in a nice, heavy plastic bag (which it is now back in at the moment).

Top photo shows the price tag ($49.50) and the bottom on is the tag on the petti showing MM 582, size L.

The un-bagging and man does that thing explode when you take it outta the bag. I am in LOVE with the chiffon material and I will never buy/make a petticoat unless it is chiffon. It is so soft.

First worn photo. I think it has a nice a-line shape right outta the bag and it is very fluffy.

And skirt worn over the petticoat (please ignore the ruffle stuck on the petti on the bottom right lol). And for those wanting more of a cupcake-y appearance, stayed tuned for the next few pictures.

In this photo, I am comparing the a-line shape (left half) to the cupcake-y shape (right half). I took the bottom ruffle of the top layer and tucked it into the waistband in a few different places. I would HIGHLY recommend safety-pinning (or sewing) it this way prior to wearing it so it will stay in the cupcake shape.

And floof fully (well, in the front where you people can see :P) re-arranged into a cupcakey shape.

Last photo: skirt worn over cupcake.

Now, I know a lot of people modify the yoke part at the top, but I'm not sure if I will. I think I might reduce it by half and not cut anything so it can easily be undone. Anyways, I promised ratings so here we go:

Price: 5/5
Total cost came to $59.85, which isn't too bad for a nice petti if you ask me (at some point I would've said otherwise to the price, but it's worth it).
Shipping: 5/5
Very quick and petti was well packaged.
Communication: 5/5
The confirmation email said they would ship out in 48 hours and they did. I called this morning to find out if my order was shipped and the lady who answered very nicely said yes and then asked if I would like the tracking number. I said yes and she read it to me. I would have liked an email saying "your order shipped, here's your tracking number" but the politeness and ease of dealing with them over the phone was worth it.
Overall: 5/5
I can't think of anything wrong. I haven't had a chance to heavy-duty wear the petticoat to really test it and the transaction was smooth and fast.

I hope that covered everything and if you have any questions, comments, or something else you would like me to add, leave a comment below ^-^

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