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Review: Dollypoddle and HMHM

Hi everyone! This is my 2nd review, this time for the two HMHM skirts I purchased from Dollypoddle.


Dollypoddle was very easy to work with and responded very quickly to my e-mails. Given HMHM's reputation for taking forever to complete orders, I expressed concern that my skirts might not arrive by the end of May. Dollypoddle made no promises, but she said that she would push HMHM to hurry the process. In less than a month, my skirts were done and ready to ship!

Dollypoddle rating: 4.5/5

After about two weeks, I received my package. It would have arrived sooner, but the post office screwed up and sent my package to the East Coast...

Here's my package with the addresses covered.

Amused by the Hello Kitty 7-11 wrap...

Under the outer wrapping, my skirts were protected by two layers of plastic.

My skirts! Unfortunately, one of them is the wrong skirt, but I'll talk about that next.


Black skirt with pink dots, size large

Unfortunately, I was sent the black skirt with bows instead. I think I'll keep it since it's still a fairly cute skirt. The top layer is made with a very thin cotton broadcloth. Underneath is the lace lining...


Skirt worn with my Dear Celine blouse.

Skirt rating: 3.75/5

HMHM Bloody Pumpkin Skirt, red, size large

This skirt is quite heavy; at least three times the weight of the other skirt. The fabric looks like cotton broadcloth on one side, and a shiny satiny finish on the other side. The skirt is made using the non-shiny side of the fabric. The shininess is visible on the bow and the black lining underneath.

Removable bow.


Skirt damage. I was able to push it back into the hole, though.

Skirt worn. I'm planning on changing the buttons on my blouse or using a different one.

Skirt rating: 3.25/5

Save for a few issues, I'm fairly satisfied with my HMHM purchases. I may try again for a black skirt with pink dots at some point.
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