Mrs. Mercury (tolrak) wrote in egl,
Mrs. Mercury

Shoes in lolita fashion: Where is quality?

 Sooo... I was wondering the other day about the quality of the lolita shoes.

I just can't understand how it's possible that brands like Angelic Pretty or Innocent World (both selling really cute shoes) are selling that awful shoes, I mean they are made of plastic! o___o

I can't understand why they don't made them of leather, because there are non lolita brands like Hush Puppies or Clark's which made some cute and affordable shoes (or at least at the same price than some loli brands' shoes)

I only have had a pair of Tea Party shoes, and I was very dissapointed; my closet was smelling to petrol for weeks xD
They didn't hurted my feet to death, but definetly they weren't what I would call confortable and good quality shoes... ¬¬

I know design is a important thing in lolita fashion but, doesn't our feet deserve something better? I'm tired of looking everywhere and only see bad shoes. OK, they are cute, but you can't compare them to a good pair of Clark's... and the worst thing is that sometimes they cost the same!

I know this is a personal decision and blah blah, but I just wanted to open the debate :3

What do you think about lolita shoes?  

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