The girl who tortured flies... (claudia_ethos) wrote in egl,
The girl who tortured flies...

Fanime Role call AKA the Model Search!!!!

I know many Lolitas now go to Fanime, an anime and gaming convention held in San Jose California.

You can learn more about Fanime here:

With J9isawesome unable to host the Lolita Panel and Fashion Show I have taken it up (along with help of course :D) And will be in need of models and possibly clothing to borrow for the show.

I'd like people that are:
*18 and Over

The time is set for Sunday at 6pm to 8pm. If you are seriously interested, please PLEASE reply here and pm me with contact information!

Styles we plan to display:
• Sweet
• Gothic
• Classic
• Casual
• Aristocrat
• Boystyles
• Kuro/Shiro
• Hime
• Country
• Sailor
• Pirate
• Steampunk
• Wa/Qi Lolita
• Guro Lolita

I have an immediate need for Wa/Qi Loli, Guro (we can dress you up), Shiro, and Sailor.
If you'd like to model please be available Sunday for the Panel. I need reliable people that will be there!!!
You can post as a reply to this entry and send me a PM with your real name and Phone number. I would like to have as many possible participants as possible, just in case.


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