insanericeball (insanericeball) wrote in egl,

Dream of Lolita: Sugary Carnival Replica Orders

Out of curiosity, are there people who are still waiting for their Sugary Carnival orders from DoL?

I ordered a JSK at the beginning of March when the dresses first posted, but am still waiting. I contacted my agent (TaobaoSpree), and they said that DoL is not responding to their emails. They also offered to cancel my order and issue a refund.

However, I'm not ready to throw in the towel just yet. I want to wait just a little bit longer, but this is getting a little ridiculous. I'm curious if I'm the only person who is still waiting, or are they still this behind with a lot of their orders? I know they received a lot of orders, and also changed factories, but they're also not answering emails apparently; or are just as behind on those.

Has anyone who ordered through a different agency been able to get through to DoL at all? Or received any sort of update?

EDIT: It sounds like DoL is still catching up. As long as they are still continuing with our orders, that's fine. Just as long as we still receive them. Hopefully they've learned from this experience.

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