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Gloomy Bear Collaboration Questions

I am a huuuuuge Gloomy Bear fan, and ever since I saw the BTSSB x Gloomy collaboration, I really wanted the apron/dress. But I've only just recently started to seriously contemplate trying to buy it. Well, of course the darn thing is sold out. Duh. Although I had hoped it would still be for sale...

I'm curious if anyone remembers how much it was sold for, and whether or not anyone has ever spotted it on Mbok, Yahoo Japan Auctions, etc. I'm also curious about the different versions I've seen. One appears to have claws, while the other does not.

I've also heard this apron/dress was a pattern in a magazine before actually being sold. I'm wondering if this is true, because then there's a chance I could hunt it down and perhaps try to commission one.
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