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Anna House custom sizing and cost?

Thanks to all the meticulous reviews here on EGL, I'm now confident in my descision to purchase my first lolita dress from Anna House! My only issue is, I'm unsure about the length and how much it would cost to bespoke it. I sent them this email on Sunday:

How much would it cost to bespoke item 015-1075 to measurements bust: 31 inches and waist: 24 inches?
Also, my height is 5 feet, 2 inches. Will the dress be knee length or will it be longer on me?
Thank you,

They replied on Tuesday:
We can make the dress fit your measurements, and our may longer on you. We suggest you to bespoke custome size.
Kind regards,
Anna House

??? They didn't answer my first question! I know that it costs a bit more if you want a  larger size than what they offer, but what about a smaller size? The OP I want is 36.5 inches long, which is quite past my knees! I'd like it to be at or slightly above that point. Any other "pocket lolis" out there who have asked Anna House to shorten/smallify a dress? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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