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IW Charity Pack A

I finally got mine and thought I'd post it because I always enjoy LP posts^^. This is set A in beige/S

Thiiis is the blouse I got:

I really like it. I originally hoped for a blouse with a standing collar and nothing with puffy sleeves because I was afraid it would make my shoulders look far too broad (what with them being the widest part of me). but the sleeves don't look all to poofy and the collar isn't too wide, so together with the classic design it looks quite good. So glad about that^^ .

This is the skirt:

Demonic Kitties >:D . It's the short, mint version. It's quite nice irl too. This in combination with the blouse can give one a really nice shape^^


They look really weird on that photo, not sure why they look so blue. They're knee-high, which I normally don't like but they're comfy so I'll keep them. They're beige with brown pattern in reality.

All in all I'm pretty thrilled with what I got! Much thanks to Asilvering who offered to do a ss for me to get the right sized pack^^
Tags: lucky packs: innocent world

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