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Lolita Panel

 So I've been asked by my local con to host a lolita panel next year. The problem is I'm usually working conventions and have very little time to check out panels so I have no idea what should be in a panel. So what I'd like to know is what YOU would want in a panel, what do you think that someone who has no idea what lolita is should know, what is are things newbs need to know, what resources should I list, which substyles I should talk about. I know I'm going to make a ppt of brands that highlights the current styles and big brands and I might add in smaller brands, I'm going to put something together about taobao and other replica/bodyline/anna house type places, i want to write up a list of places to stay away from and things to look out for, I'll have something with the handbook and main lolita websites, but other than that I'm not sure I need. I'm starting now so that it actually gets finished because I have a lot of schoolwork, two jobs, and taking care of my niece not to mention my other commitments with the con. I plan on updating the comm with my lists and etc as I go because things like where to stay away from could help newbs.
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