valkyrie_chan (valkyrie_chan) wrote in egl,

Lief on Hiatus

So I'm sure a lot of you guys are aware that lief_lj  has gone on hiatus as klanaide  has not heard from tikim3 in over a month.

I ordered the Regimental Stripe skirt from Lief last fall and never received my purchase. I've repeatedly asked for either a tracking number, proof that my skirt was sent, or a refund. I have received nothing. Because Lief didn't send out the product until a couple months after she did reservations and collected invoices, I had no way of filing a claim with Paypal, and am now out over a hundred dollars. If you guys are interested, you can see my Six weeks ago, klanaide  messaged me to tell me tikim3  agreed to refund me, but she left klanaide  no way to refund me my purchase and has completely disappeared at this point.

I've heard a lot of problems with Lief's construction, but I'm wondering if others have also never received their purchases?  I know klanaide  has done all that she could to get in touch with tikim3 , but at this point I feel as if Lief's behavior warrants being put on the scammers list until she works out all current customer service problems. Does anybody else feel the same way?
Tags: !attention buyer/seller, !scam alert/possible scam, *lief/mew

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