Meow Tan (meow_tan) wrote in egl,
Meow Tan

Rochester Lolita Tea Party Meet

Taking Candids of my friends before we get there xD

Loli battle posing time!

Group shot! (I am a poodle)

And a cellphone battle.

The cute little setup! I had blueberry tea and gave everyone attending a ring.


Isn't she adorable?

Emily and Sam, two cutiepies. They planned the meet!

Nina likes oranges!

Emily also likes oranges!

Me and Emily. Orange smilies!

Stef. Heart meltingly cute!

We all decided to take our nametags, and put them on our heads.

Cute couple <3

I managed to completely ruin this picture.

Cute teacups!

Pretty self explanatory


Annd cupcakes!

Classy lolis!

And again. Hurrr.

Have you been blinded by the cute?

Like Alice!

Niki, being adorable!

Pole dancing lolita!

Upside down loli!

Individual shots

Our lovely meet organizer, Emily!

So cute! :D


I am very proud of our local lolitas.

Cutiepie Nina!

And cutiepie Manda!

Lastly me and my 'fro.

~Group Shots~

Loli spinning shot!

And I leave you all with a video. Hope you enjoyed!

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