Sarah Gregg (oomusicbabii) wrote in egl,
Sarah Gregg

Please help a total make-up n00b

So when it comes to make-up, I am absolutely lost. When I wear make-up, I wear clear mascara because it just defines and separates my eyelashes and can also be used to tame my eyebrows. I also haven't worn black mascara since my dance days where they made up layer it on real thick so I've kinda avoided it since then. And I also might use a little blush (whose name and color I don't know as it was bought years ago and should probably be replaced due to age and the fact that I'm running out >.<)

I know make-up isn't a necessary thing, but it is something that I would like to learn about and create something simple and inexpensive that I can use on occasions where I need a little sprucing up. Biggest thing I would like help with is oil control. I have super oily skin (I normally wash it twice a day to keep it kinda under control) Here's a pic of my face:

Washed only once, but this is my typical skin appearance in the morning/at the end of the day so this is what I would consider a "blank canvas".

Long story short, I will make a list of stuff I'm interested in here and feel free to offer any tips on this:

- Mascara: I wear clear, what color/brand do you wear and why?
- Eyeliner: Again, what color/brand/why?
- Eyeshadow: How the heck does one pick out colors for eyeshadow and how to you apply it other than the pick-one-color-and-sweep-it-over-your-whole-eyelid thing that I did years ago? What brands are good? Do you match the color to what you're wearing or your eye color?
- Blush: How do you pick a color/shade for blush? Light, dark, sparkles?
- Foundation and press powders: Are they needed? Tips for matching your skin tone? What brands are good? What is good for oily skin?
- Lipstick: as far as I can tell, finding a color you like is a game of experimentation. Should you go red, pink, browns, light, dark? Does the color choice change with different styles? Brands?

And I think that's all the make-up stuff that I wanted to know about as these seem to be the most used. Also for reference, I'm more into classic and gothic styles. I also like some of the super toned down sweet in darker colors. I don't want anything OTT, just something formal, elegant and beautiful.

Thank you to anyone looking and offering help!

EDIT: Wow! Thanks for the replies! I wasn't expecting so many people to reply. I am going through everything now and will be commenting on all your comments.

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