lyrique86 (lyrique86) wrote in egl,

Would you like some Waffles with that Chiburger? (Double Feature Transformation!)

loli_fied and I decided we wanted in on this month’s fun theme.  So we made a date for the weekend, and here are the results of our
foolishness.  Enjoy!


I work at a bank in the mornings, so on any given day except Sunday I look something like this:



Close-up.  No makeup, hair combed but that’s about it.  I cut it all off last month; I can’t wait for it to get long enough to put into fluffy puff balls!


Got home from work, gave my face a quick rinse and put in my contacts.  Then RING RING!


Lolified was ready to join in on the fun.


My arsenal of make-up


Clothes all laid out

Pink Petti and Yellow ruffle skirt: Made by me
Pink coat dress and cream underskirt: Blasphemina's Closet
Blouse: Goodwill find
Boots: Walmart
Mini tricorn: Made by me


Make-up done!  Now for my wig.  Oh, and I guess I should help loli_fied  with her hair…


An hour or so later, it’s time to show off the fruits of our labor!


Yaaargh!  Where be my treasure?


I'm not very good at keeping still for poses

Theeeere we go.  Thanks for looking!
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