to live doesn't mean you're alive. (chiibiusa) wrote in egl,
to live doesn't mean you're alive.

April General Theme : Transformation

here i am with no makeup, lounging about my house on my day off :)

what makes the magic happen - my wig, hair clip, jewelry, eyelashes (from Forever21), eyeliner brush (Ecotools),
mascara (Rimmel Max Volume Flash), lipstick (Revlon #457) gel eyeliner (Maybelline), eyelash curler,
and foundation (Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse).

aaaand with makeup and jewelry! doing my best to Blue Steel.
unfortunately the earrings don't really show up in the final shots so i'm glad you can see them now!

the final product! (couldn't get a decent full-full body shot)
i dunno if i can really pull off being a blonde, but i like how the wig works with my outfit.

so that was my transformation post ♥ thanks for looking :)

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