jane_smithson (jane_smithson) wrote in egl,

1) Lolita craft possibilities 2) Fantasy: Gold dwarven lolita

I would actually like input on two topics.

1) I got a couple of potentially lolifiable charms on sale. I've never done any crafts before in my life, any idea what I could turn them into? I'd like pictures for inspiration.

The charms started life as earrings. But I don't use earrings. I want to take off the keys and the roses and put them on some sort of brooch, hair accessory, necklace or choker. So yeah, pictures would be appreciated!
(Doubly so if you know of any way to utilize cheap seed beads in a way that doesn't look cheap... I've got mountains of those around.)

Another thing I found was this bracelet. I was thinking of taking off the lock and hanging it from a ribbon choker. But that's kind of boring and doesn't utilize the awesome fact that theoretically you could hang something from each of those tiny loops. ...Grommets? ...Petals. So yeah, again, requesting inspirational pictures.

And also I think it looks like something a dwarven Lolita might wear. Or rather, might have worn, if it wasn't of inferior craftsmanship. Which brings me to my next topic!

2) A dwarven (Forgotten Realms Gold dwarf) character of mine has spontaneously decided to be a lolita. What do you think a dwarven lolita might look like? What cuts would complement a dwarven frame? So far all I've got is a crown-shaped mace. :3 (With spikes. Adorable spikes.)
Also, in Second Edition all dwarves, regardless of gender, grew beards. As far as I'm concerned, this means my dwarven lolita has adorable sideburns.

(This is just a quick sketch, but criticism is welcome! Particularly if you want to talk about her apparent racial characteristics!)
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