fynn_fish (fynn_fish) wrote in egl,

IW Lucky Pack B in Black

I got my lucky pack from Innocent World in the mail today. I was pretty excited to open it, but since I had to get to work I didn't really have time to look at it, so I simply hung it up immediately after I opened it and left for work.

I have to say...I do like the dress and the bolero (not sure about those socks) but there's one problem....I ordered a short dress. I got a long one. my memory sucks

I'm not sure what to do since I was really expecting a short dress. I live in Texas so a long one is way too hot...on top of that, the fabric is really thick so...yeah. I don't really know why this dress was put in a Summer/Spring lucky pack, since I was expecting a dress that could be worn in the spring, but this one is definitely a cold weather only JSK. I'll probably sell the socks seeing as I had the replica in white and didn't care for them. I like the bolero, it's really cute. =] But like I said, I just can't make up my mind about the JSK. I was actually hoping to get the Furniture JSK after seeing a lot of other people go it. T_T;
Tags: lucky packs: innocent world
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