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Victorian Maiden Boots Replica Short Boots 4th Colour Survey, Larger Sizes Have Been Confirmed

Hi All,

The Victorian Maiden Short Boots replica pre-order/group order is open now. Unfortunately we ended up having to categorize size LL(25cm) into the larger sizes(25.5cm, 26.5cm&27.5cm) due to some heel issue.

The current colours are a bit dark, so we are thinking of adding a pastle colour into the pre-order/group order at a later time. Please join in the survey and help us decide the 4th colour.

Cream - The Innocent World Ankle Boots Cream. There's no promises that this shade will be available for the time being.

Light Pink - The current Secret Shop Tea Party Shoes Model 9807 Light Pink.

Light Blue - The Secret Shop Tea Party Shoes Model 9807 Light Blue. Light Blue fabric has changed. It will be a smooth synthetic leather for the shoes being manufactured now or to be manufactured this year. The new shade will be the same as the new blue AP sandals which is very close to the one used in the past couple of years.

Please put down the colour in the order from favourite to least favourite in comment~

Thank you.

Edit: Larger sizes have just been confirmed - size 25cm, 25.5cm, 26.5cm, 27.5cm. We will need 80 orders for larger sizes alone.
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