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Cute Plush review : neutral...

Hi everyone !

Today, I received my order from Cute Plush and I wanted to do this mini-review in case some of you would like to order from them.

It's my second purchase from Cute Plush (the first time, I ordered two rings but they took something like four months to arrive =='). But because their stuff is super cute, I wanted to buy again from them :) !
This is what I took this time in size M :

I thought it would be cute for casual wearing ^_^.

Timeline :

- 14/04/2011 : placed my order.
- 18/04/2011 : received shipping confirmation.
- 28/04/2011 : received it.
You can imagine how surprised I was to receive it 10 days after they shipped the T-Shirt when you know that it took FOUR MONTHS to receive two little rings...

Anyway, I was happy until the moment I opened it. The T-shirt is perfect by itself but the size was size S.
Fortunatly, it fits perfectly, but what if it was not the case ?
That's why I give them a neutral feedback.
Otherwise, there's not any problem.

Quality : 5/5 : the color you see on the photo is the real color, the print seems to be of good quality, the glitter parts are not too flashy but enough too be see (people who have AP items with glitter will understand), I'm very satisfied with this T-Shirt.
But be careful ! On the website page, it's written that the bust is 81cm for S size (don't remember in inches). Mine is 84cm and it fits me, so if you are 81cm bust or less, it will be a little too big.
Shipping : 5/5 : very fast this time ! I guess it depends how lucky you are...
Communication : x/x : didn't have to communicate with them.

Would I order T-shirts from them again ? Yes, I guess because I know now that S size is OK for me, but I don't know if it's a fluke or if their S size will always fit me =/. But I got a cute toast badge as a gift, so I won't complain... But no "thank you for your order" note this time (I got one when I ordered the rings).

That's all ! Thanks for reading an annoying review without pictures ^^'...
Bye ~ ♪ !

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