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Translation of GLB "Board Game" of Lolita-ness

To go along with this month’s transformation theme, I thought this cute board game would be a fun thing to translate. It goes from complete lolita noob to lolita pro!



Notes: Pictures will come first and the text below. Text in parentheses corresponds with any thought bubbles in the “space”.

I’m not a perfect translator so if you see something that could be expressed better, please let me know.

I went for a more natural than literal translation here. I preserved the original uses of the –chan suffix and “Gothic and Lolita” even though we don’t use them often in English.

I got the GLB scans from Zasshiko (TY!) The pages in their entirety are here and here.


GLB Volume 39, Spring, Pages 52-53

The Road to Gothic and Lolita-chan

Board Game


Since the moment you found out about Gothic and Lolita fashion, you knew “this is it!” but when you get down to actually trying it out, you start questioning yourself – can I really pull it off well? Will I get tons of strange looks from the people around me? But you can’t let that stop you! Nobody’s perfect from the very beginning so just take baby steps toward becoming a fantastic Gothic and Lolita-chan <3


1.      START  (So stumped…)

Living each day without really knowing what you really want to wear…

You’ve always just worn the casual stuff your mom buys for you but you don’t really like those kinds of clothes. But what would you wear instead…?


2.      You spot a cute Lolita-chan out and about and think – this is it!  (Kawaii)

You just can’t take your eyes off this lovely Lolita-chan you spotted in town. You realize that all this time you’ve wanted to wear this sort of cute and frilly Gothic Lolita clothing.


3.      Study your GLBs  (I wonder where the stores are?)

Since you’ve awakened to the world of Gothic and Lolita, you spend every day studying hard with your GLBs. ~Ahh I want to wear it so bad! I’ll try to visit a store.


4.      You fall down wearing platform shoes. Go back to space 3.


5.      First trip to a shop  (Dokidoki*♥)


You make a trip to go shopping at the brand of your dreams, Innocent World. You feel slightly dizzy from all the cute clothes and accessories you see☆

[*Sound of heart pounding/excitement]


6.      Excitement at your first time in Lolita clothes!  (This is the real me)

You go to the fitting room with an outfit you love. The first time you put on Lolita clothing, you feel a great release of emotion! You finally get to meet your true self


7.      Change your hair and makeup

You change your hair and makeup to match your new cute style! You start by trying out a full wig or doing just cheek and lip makeup – you begin with the easy stuff and work your way along, slowly trying different things.


8.      Little by little you add accessories

You can’t be a perfect Lolita with just a blouse and jumperskirt! You need to add in the little cute details to make it special.

Pannier/petticoat – This is the foundation to making your skirt poof. Layering petticoats together to create your desired poof level is a basic concept.

Socks – Plain socks without a design go with everything but patterned over-the-knee socks can enhance the stylishness of your outfit!

Shoes – Thankfully, lots of lolita shoes are round toed, low heeled, and easy-to-wear flats!

Necklace – Necklaces are an accessory that adds flavor to your coordinates and will lend a feeling of elegance to your outfits even if you’re a beginner.

Katchusha/headbow – Even if you have a plain hairstyle or simple black hair, adding a katchusha is an easy way of adding cuteness to your coordinate.

Drawers/bloomers – Wearing bloomers under your petticoat is a rule! If people see a little flash of the lace at the hem, you’ll still be OK.


9.      Make your own extra accessories

Pretty things you’ll want to buy will be coming out all the time, so it’s a smart idea try your hand at making some of the items you lack! The best part is that you can make them using the fabric and arrangement you like best.


10.  You cut your bangs too short. Go back to space 7.


11.   Make online friends

Check online for Lolita brand events or tea parties being held by friends in your area! And in a flash you’ll have Lolita buddies.


12.   You get heckled by strangers. Go back to space 5.


13.  You learn to not care about people staring

People in your neighborhood start treating you like a weirdo… But you won’t lose out to them! You truly must love Lolita fashion


14.  GOAL

Lolita-chan’s Harajuku debut

Your clothes, hair and makeup are perfectly arranged so now it’s finally time to make your Lolita debut in Harajuku! You want to improve even more and someday maybe you’ll even be selected for a Harajuku photo snap.

Ta-da! Are you a perfect lolita yet?


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