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Innocent World Charity Sets

Saturday I received my sets in the mail. I wasn't really expecting them to arrive until later. :D
Originally I was planning on just ordering one set but since it was around my birthday,
my boyfriend bought me set A for my birthday and I went ahead and purchased set B too also.
I am actually surprised I was able to get these sets because I thought they were sold out since I put in my order a bit late.
I was stalking the reserve page on the day it was released to find out later that IW have put them first on the special page. XD
I'm not sure what to think about the sets since I was hoping to get a bolero in one of my sets.
But now I actually have nice blouses to wear with my lolita. :D

Innocent World Charity Set A in pink
1. Light pink blouse (looks white but its like a light pinkish)
2. Nicholas Fruits Skirt
3. Pink Dot Border Knee Socks

Innocent World Charity Set B in white
1. White blouse
2. Classical Chair JSK With Cape
3. Beige Braid Ribbon Head Bow

I haven't try on the JSK but I hope it's not too long since I'm petite. XD
I like how the long sleeves in set B are detachable, so I can wear it short or long.
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