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Lolita Poetry Part 2.

Okay, so before I made two lolita poems the first was A gothic lolita poem and the second was a sweet lolita poem. I was asked by someone (I apologize for letting your name slip my mind) to make a classic and boystyle poem. I was busy so I could not just jump up and make another two but after a month or two here it is. Please keep in mind that I am only 14 meaning I am not as experienced as other poets *cough Edgar Allen Poe(my idol lol) cough*  but I simply tried
Here we go:


My darling
Let us take a countyside stroll together
Just us, following sweet nature's path
Or should we visit
The heavenly forest and its illusions?

I believe the forest
For it whispers your name
Beckoning you
Young maiden

A deep, rich brown
Favors your dress
Leaving the body of trees
In awe of such beauty
The leaves weep
at such a dark, luscious green
The cream roses wither at sight
For they cannot compare
To such lovely stockings
Boots end depressed,
withered leaves
A beautiful end

But alas, it was all in vain
A soft spoken decline
deafened my ears
How can it be?
Your eyes reflected off the tea surface
You sip from
Looking at your forest of illusions
Will you ever part
from your monochrome world
The New Princess

A new princess is born
Free from her dress
No longer a damsel in distress
Waiting for her prince

Corsets for vests
Skirts for shorts
Petticoats for a pocket watch
Make your top hat your crown
Wear it with pride
As your own prince

Let your grace mix with strength
A brave maiden
as a velvet prince
Hope you enjoyed. :] I would love some CONSTRUCTIVE criticsm :O


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