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They did not come wrinkled btw, my boyfriend is an idiot and sat on them.

oops didn't rotate the image

the head bows

free socks

happy now?

Here's the review I deleted:

I got my milky berry and milky planet replicas today! I bought them from Oo Jia on facebook in her lolita group. Now before I review the dress I wanted to relay a couple things that she told me. She is doing these replicas herself in her free time; she works at a factory in China so this is her side job. She told me she originally was only trying to do this for her loyal, regular customers but now that the group has grown so big she is swamped by orders because she didn't think that many people would want in on them.

I ordered my items maybe around the beginning of April or the first week? I don't really remember. Oo Jia took all my measurements and she definitely paid attention to the things I stressed especially (I told her I wanted the dress to fit close to the body and not be loose, bodice length, etc.)

Yellow Milky Planet Skirt - 4.5/5
The skirt is lovely! It was made to the length I specified and fits at my natural waist perfectly. The fabric is NOT shiny so don't worry about that. The print is very crisp and clear and I can see "Angelic Pretty ice cream" in perfect pixels. The lace on the bottom is similar to Angelic Pretty's raschel lace, except the design is more like a fleur de lys pattern (but not really). The scalloping is perfect; I don't understand what everyone was complaining about...it looks perfectly fine. The inside is lined like an AP skirt and the detachable waist ties are backed with the same material. The only reason this item got a 4.5 out of 5 is because I think the seamstress forgot to put a button at the zipper closure to keep the two tabs of the waist together. I will have to add a button myself. The bow is also detachable via pin. The print is perfect; if you don't mind the larger version of the print I would definitely recommend it. And before anyone starts bitching about buying replicas, I have the real one on its way too. :)

Milky planet + milky berry head bows 4/5
I got three bows. Black and yellow milky planet and white milky berry. They are the same size and stiffness as an AP bow. The milky planet bows do not have an ice cream pin but I was expecting that. The bows all have matching color scheme headbands. The white milky berry head bow doesn't have any lace, nor did the bow on the dress. The yellow milky planet has nice cotton lace, but it's white (matching the bow on the skirt). The black one has the same lace in black. She included two bear charms that actually snap onto the headband on the yellow MP and white MB bows.

Milky berry jsk - white + PINK replica 5/5
Before everyone brings out the pitchforks, I was well aware that this print was incorrectly colored with pink dots and pink milk. I prefer it this way! That's why I bought it! I am so pleased with their happy mistake. The jsk fits closely to my body as I requested (I've had nightmares with F+F giving me loose elastic that's 3 inches too big). The dress is the length I requested and the bodice is the same. The print is crisp and clear once again. I haven't noticed any color bleeding or mistakes anywhere. The lace is beautiful cotton eyelet lace. The entire dress, including the bodice, is lined and there is a built in petticoat that actually works. The waist ties are also lined with the same fabric and are detachable. I requested that the straps be made a little longer so I could tie the dress as a halter if I wanted to and they did exactly as I asked. :) I can wear it normally or as a halter just fine! The bow is sewn onto the dress. The dress also has a hidden zipper on the size. I am incredibly happy with this purchase because it's really hard for me to find seamstresses that can comprehend my measurements and it fits perfectly.

Oo Jia was lovely to work with. She communicated with me over facebook and even sent me a picture of the seamstress making my bow. :) She provided a tracking number and pictures of all my items when they were finished--and she included a free pair of Secret Shoppe (AP replica) strawberry socks to match my dress. My dress arrived via EMS in less than a week in perfectly wrapped condition. The items were sealed in separate bags inside a shipping bag which came in tact.

Overall the experience gets an A+ from me and I'll be buying another milky planet replica from her lol!

Hope this helps. :)

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