RococoSuicide (rococosuicide) wrote in egl,

Identify this BTSSB Coat?

I've asked this before, but I've come up short and I'm getting a little desperate.

Last year I bought a BTSSB coat at a Convention, and I still have no idea what its name is, nor do I have any stock images of it.

From what I have found out, it's based on some sort of Japanese sea demon or something. It's got a hood with horns on it.

If anybody has any idea what the name of this coat is, or has stock photos of this in any solid color (I've found images of it with a leopard print, but not in solid colors) or even someone wearing it, I'd really appreciate it. :) Thank you!
I've looked on Lolibrary and Flickr and didn't see it, though it's possible that I've missed it.

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