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Quick transformation post :)

Hello, everyone! Saw everyone's awesome transformation blogs and thought I'll throw in my 5 cents :D

UPD: 'cause I forgot the before shots ^^;

Here's me out of lolita. I like to dress in a androgynous (because I'm a tomboy) and victorian/edwardian inspired dress (because I love steampunk!)
And I love pants :I I never really wore skirts/dresses as much before I went into lolita :)

So here's the "before face". Very sleepy =_=

I rarely ever use make up unless I really feel like it and I often go for the natural look than anything (unless it's neon disco carneval, then I go all in :D), so a quick whip of foundation, eyeshadow and blush and I'm done!

(This is where I was really late for work, so I snapped the full body shot and never bothered to check if it was ok. The shot turned out all blurry, so I re-started my transformation the next day with the same make-up, but a slightly different coord.)

There's not much I can do with the hair that I have left :D (I'm currently saving up for a wig) and I can't wear alice-bows to work :(, so a little matching bow will have to do.

And here's the full-body shot. Nothing too exciting since I'm more of a classic fan.

It was the first time I wore those shoes out!
Skirt, shoes: BL
Everything else: thrift or offbrand

Bonus shot - me after a lucky thrifting quest! Booyah!

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