p2mangil (p2mangil) wrote in egl,

A new Lolita's transformation!

 Hello ladies. I have been a long time lover of lolita fashion but only recently I have been able to get some cords together. (AKA $$$ ^_^)  Most of my stuff is either hand made or off brand. I'm still playing with makeup and hair. Most of my life I have been a relaxed tomboy and my hair wont hold a curl to save its life. 

Just out of the shower look. 

My hubby thinks its funny how I tie my bangs together when I do my hair. but hey it helps ^_^

Hair up, makeup on ^_^

My mom got me these hair attachments. I thought at first they were a bit too poofy but I made it work. I'm also sad I couldnt find my bow. it would have looked a bit better. and the color is off but that can be fixed ^_^

Everything together ^_^
Skirt: Handmade
Accessories and socks: Claire's (they have some really cute things right now. I am eying all the tea and cupcake stuff)
Bag: Hello Kitty
Blouse:  Off brand (Forgot where I got it)
Shoes: Slightly healed Janes from payless. (Actually from my wedding)
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