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Review: anatnof (melikestea) - petticoat commission

I commissioned two petticoats from anatnof in March & the following is the timeline & review of the process & items.

Commission link:

March 02, 2011 Order placed.
March 10, 2011 Petticoats completed & was emailed with photos for final approval. I was not invoiced until I approved of the petticoats.
March 14, 2011 Shipped with tracking.
April 08, 2011 Pettitcoats arrived - they should have arrived much sooner but I gave her the wrong postal code. They should've arrived in about 7-10 days but spent about 2 weeks touring the local post offices instead due to my error. Ayyyy stupid me ;;==

Communication: 5/5
Very prompt responses. Great transaction, wonderful girl! Super friendly!

Shipping time: 5/5
Shipping would have been quick if I provided the correct zip code for my address. It had to be rerouted through my regional post offices. The petticoats did NOT have to be shipped back to Brazil & then back.

Shipping packaging: 5/5
Items were wrapped in a thick plastic bag and further wrapped in paper. There was no damage done to the items at all.

Model AB007 (cupcake-ish) $20USD

Click thumbnails to enlarge

Construction: 5/5 FANTASTIC. Absolutely solid. Stiffer netting for a firmer pouf. Each layer is uniformly gathered & tiered together to maximize pouf. Each tier seam is accented with ribbon & little bows! The edges are also detailed with matching cotton lace. The lining is a polyester that is smooth & cool to touch. Waistband is elasticized for a multitude of sizes.
Consists of two layers that have 2 tiers per layer. This is a VERY pouffy petticoat.
18 inches long (waistband to hem)

Model AB009 (a-line) $25USD

Click thumbnails to enlarge

Construction: Same as above
Consists of two layers with only one with two tiers. This is a softer pouf and works much better as an A-line petticoat. 18 inches long (waistband to hem)

Each item was made with utmost care. She also takes you preferences into consideration such as color, length and whether you want bows on it or not. Her petticoats seem to come standard with lace trim and ribbon & bow details. A wonderful person to work with.

These petticoats do NOT flatten easily if you're looking for something that will stay pouffy all day. They compress very well for storage and will fluff up very easily.

The prices are fantastic for the quality you receive. When I got them I thought I had just purchased something a Brand would put out just with all the sheer details! I don't think I'll be buying petticoats from anyone else anymore. The only drawback was that the shipping from Brazil to the US is a bit steep :T

Notice: She is currently not taking commissions but be sure to be on the lookout for when she does take them again! You will NOT be disappointed!
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