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Taobao Shopping Service Review - Obook; Positive!!

Hello! This is my very first review! I suck at this, so please bare with me. This is the first time I have ordered from Taobao, and I decided to use Obook! An acquaintance used them so I asked her for a small run down of her order with them. It seemed legit, so i wanted to try it out as well. I emailed them back in February, only to see an estimate for the items I wanted. I emailed them back and forth to ask questions, and every time I always got fast replies. I also changed my order for a few items so I wanted everything confirmed before I decided to buy anything. For the first email, I was speaking with a woman, who greeted me with an introduction. For the rest of the transaction, I spoke to a man who was in charge of my order, but I will address him as "they".

- On 03.28.11, I submitted my final order AND paid my amount with commission fees, total amount for each item, shipping amount from shops to my S.S,  shipping from China to the U.S, paypal fees, and any others fees I may be missing. 

- On 03.29.11, I got an email for my "receipt" confirmation, and order number, which asked me to confirm my shipping address and phone number. You are allowed to change it if you wanted. On the following day, they emailed me again to confirm a few item's sizing and color.

- Around this time, they would be ordering my items for Taobao shops. They emailed me a few times because a few items were out of stock, and asked me if I wanted to cancel or replace the items. I also got a free item from one of the shops, so the S.S asked me to choose a color. I want to add that there were times when I answered an email from them in the morning or afternoon, and got a quick reply after that. In China, it would probably be really early in the morning, or really late in the night. I say this because to me, i feel like Obook is really dedicated in getting their job done, which I like.

- On 04.15.11, they emailed me again to confirm an order, as one of the items had some coloring on it which wasnt suppose to be there. They asked me if that was okay. It was a small...splatter of pink on a white item, but I didnt mind it so i emailed them back that I was fine with it.

- On 04.16.11, they emailed me to tell me that my items have been shipped, with a delivery confirmation/tracking number, and the site of the tracking. I got a refund for the items that were out of stock and any over paid amount. They told me the tracking number would be updated on the site within 1-2 days. I checked the site a few days after but the site never updated the location of my package. I decided to wait, and if the site didnt update within a week, which I asked the S.S and they told me EMS would take about a week for arrival, then I would email them about it.

- Today, 04.21.11, early in the morning, my package arrived! How exciting! Onward to pics!

I opened it and I think it was very well packaged. :3 No rips or tears! Well...not until I did this... >.>;

Overall, I think everything was a 5/5! Great communication, fast shipping, reliable! I recommend them to anyone and would gladly do business with them again! <-- Go go go!

Now I shall make a review for my items! Once again, I am not good with reviews, so pardon me. I am not going to do every single one of them since most of it isnt lolita related. I dont think any of my pics do these beautiful items justice, though. For the wigs, if you want a worn pic, just ask. Also, I apologize for the low resolution of certain pics. I had to re-size them using an online program. And I took these pics in the afternoon so the natural lighting isnt great.

I got this wig in dark brown and I really like it. Its soft and a bit curly. Its a lot longer then the picture from the shop, but thats normal. I give this wig a 5/5, because it was a lot better then I have imagined.

This is my own pic.

Also got this wig in dark brown. Its also really soft and wavy. The picture from the shop makes the wig look really big, or it looks like it to me. But the wig I have isnt as big. I think it has a more natural look to it. I give this item a 5/5 .

This is my own pic.

Gah, so soft!! The fabric on this petti is amazing. *.* It also looks like a normal skirt, to me. I dont see any flaws, so I give this a 5/5.

Here are pics for this item!

Worn petti, worn skirt without petti, and worn skirt with petti.

I got this petti since the really poofy one was out of stock. Its actually not that bad. I think if a skirt or dress is thin, this petti would be super poofy. But I think this is more of a medium poof. Though, on the petti, there was a small pink spot on it. I couldnt capture it with sun light, but I have a picture of what my S.S took. I also found a small black spot on the petti. I have no clue what it is, but it isnt a huge spot or anything. I still give this a 5/5, because no one but me are going to see this, and these are tiny spots. It also doesnt bother me either. But maybe this should be a 4.5/5?

This is my pic.

Pics of unknown spots.

Worn petti, worn skirt without petti, and worn skirt with petti.

This is a really beautiful dress. It comes with waist ties, a pinned on, back bow, and two, free hair corsages!! I dont own any Victorian Maiden, so I dont know about their products, or the original piece, but I really like this replica. The fabric used was really light weight and flowy. Its a bit rough, in a way, but I dont mind it. I wouldnt really say rough though, as it isnt. I dont know how to describe it. I thought the fabric was going to be soft, as the pictures on the shop made it seem like it. Though, i dont think I should expect too much from chinese The waist ties are a little stiff, but its not terrible. Without a petti, it looks a tiny bit weird, but I think anyone can wear it as a Spring or Summer dress, out of lolita. Thats only my opinion though.  I give this item a 5/5.

This is my pic.

Worn without a petti, worn with a petti, which is also item number 5.

Thank you for reading my review. I hope this was helpful, as I am not good at this. ^-^ Please feel free to ask questions and I will try my best to answer them.

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