nomuzik_nolive (nomuzik_nolive) wrote in egl,

Handmade jewelry - classic and mori.

Hi to all! I'm back once again with a batch of goodies for classic lolitas! I have a few additions to started series, but also a couple of new items.
As an addition to my miniature book series I have made phone charms, asymmetrical earrings and a brooch. Also I received some silver-tone ring findings for a proper black-toned combo.

A stack of three books, that can be worn both horizontally and vertically.

"Last Summer's Love" - also a book necklace, but it features an open diary with a note and a dried flower, a memorabilia of the past.

"Rains of Love" - a brooch and a necklace. Quite a common idea, but I tried to give it a vintage feeling.

"Montgolfière" - I'm not sure what inspired this idea, it's been in my sketchbook for a few months. Most likely it was Jule Vern, but don't take my word on it! Anyway, this brooch comes in three main designs, though the colors can vary.

You can find some more pictures in my  blog if you like these. Thank you for viewing!

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