drflumflum (drflumflum) wrote in egl,

Rocking-Horse Re-quest

I am currently desiring red rocking horse shoes in any non-boot, open, NANA, ballerina, or generally soft looking style.  I am looking for a non-foam.  Here-in lies my difficulty.  In the memories post, the only two companies that supposedly sell red wooden rocking horse shoes are Vivienne Westwood herself, and the Gothic Lolita Bible site, which I believe closed, yes?  Anyway, I can't find it.  So my question is as follows:

Are there any sites you know of that sell red wooden soled rocking horse shoes for a not Vivienne Westwood price?

Please note: I am not looking for foam soled rocking horse shoes.  I can easily locate these myself.  When I checked Comm_sales very few red Rocking Horse Shoes were for sale.

Part 2 of post, Now with variation!
If I cannot buy red wooden soled rocking horse shoes, I am uncertain what to wear with my red and aged copper colored wa lolita.  I am considering wearing geta or okobo with the dress, but am unaware if these would be considered poor in the lolita community.  I feel they detract from the lolita feel, but like anything else, can be worn by a select group of people.
Additionally, one of the things I love most about Rocking Horse Shoes is the cut out in the back.  However, many foam soles show obviously at the cut out.  In foam soled shoes without the cut-out, is the quality less obvious?

Thank you so much for your input and have a lovely day.


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